03 Mar 21 Ideal location for Mas Doix’s new wine cellar

In the last 18 months Mas Doix winery has been building a new château in an unbeatable location. They opened this new cellar as part of a journey that started 20 years ago.

This new wine cellar, built in Poboleda, is based on principles of functionality as the design of the new space facilitates the process of all the company’s operations and also offers space for its growth.

It also provides a visitors’ welcome space, reception and taste lounge, all made of sustainable construction materials, especially slate, which had been found during the excavation of the cellar, which also helps to reduce the visual impact.

The new wine cellar is a building made to suit the dimension of their vineyard, their slate grounds and for enjoying the landscape.

Indeed, its location, up on a hill, has made this cellar a very special project regarding its construction, installation and material transportation. The pieces that form these two connected units which exceeds 1.200m2, are no longer than 7 meters due to the accessibility and condition of the land. For this project we have provided the full structure: hollowcore and their supporting beams, Thalassa L and T types, and Icaria beams that allow better use of space without any unnecessary loss of height. Also, both the provided enclosures and their flat roofs are finished in stone to reduce the visual impact and for better adaptation to their surroundings.