08 Mar 21 Pujol is among the companies in the Spanish construction sector with more female workers

With 42% of our workforce as women, Pujol counts with a number of female employees more than five times higher than the construction industry average.

In 2019 we used the International Women’s Day, March 8th, to make a revision of the statistics about the number of women working for the Group, and this year we decided to do the same. We are pleased to announce that we have progressed from 35% to 42% and, by doing so, we contribute for women to be more represented in a sector normally dominated by men. And even international media highlighted this fact!1
According to the latest information provided by the Economically Active Population Survey2 (EAPS), the proportion of female workers in the construction industry is 8.9%. And this figure remains sadly stable as it marked 8’8% in 2018, 9% in 2019 and again 8’9% in 2020.
To date however, there are only 87,000 women working in construction but within Pujol the percentage in five times higher and not just regarding secretarial or office work. Women employed by Pujol as technicians, quality controllers or in any other position in our plants take in the same level of responsibility as their fellow men co-workers.
Both national and International media have studied Pujol case, especially the Ferrofet “phenomenon”, for years. Our industry model and especially the contracts that help employees to reconcile work and family life have appeared repeatedly in national news and now international media have echoed it. Last one to publish it has been CPI worldwide (Concrete Plant International), which is published worldwide, from China to the United States and in more than 10 different languages. This bimonthly magazine has written a first-hand report and after talking with the real stars of the news, which was published last January 12th.

1. Article published on CPI on January 12th 2021: