Aggregate (n): Sand, grit or gravel that acts as a non-bonding conglomerate element in concrete or mortar.

Very close to the different factories in Pla d’Urgell, the Pujol Group has its own land from which raw materials are extracted. Once classified and treated, these materials are used to produce our product, par excellence, concrete.

The most "significant" and active quarry is that in the municipality of Arbeca. It has an extractive capacity of 695,000 MT per year, and a classified and washed aggregate production rate of 350 MT/h.

The limestone origin of these aggregates gives Pujol’s concrete greater ductility, as well as providing corrective qualities when mixed with aggregates of a lower quality. We have vast reserves, which allow us to act as suppliers to third parties of any type of aggregates from our deposits.

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