Coltrapesa is a Pujol company created specifically to transport the group’s products in accordance with all the necessary safety requirements whilst ensuring their arrival on time and in a perfect condition at the agreed destination, and with the minimal number of incidents on route.

Our obsession with self-sufficiency and delivering a quality service led to the development of our logistics service, which covers all the transport needs of our Group companies. Our logistics service also makes all our resources available to third parties, whilst guaranteeing them the same degree of thoroughness provided with our in-house service.

In order to fulfil its role as an operator within the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe, Coltrapesa is equipped with:

  1. FLEET OF VEHICLES: We transport large items, machinery, palletized products, bulk materials...
  2. DRIVERS TEAM: We have our own loading and unloading staff
  3. STORAGE: We own spaces and warehouses inside Pujol’s facilities
  4. HANDLING AND MONITORING: Our team is in charge of the orders from the placement to the final destination