Cement (n): Calcined mixture of limestone and clay or another substance which, when placed in contact with water, gives a mortar that hardens quickly.

Pujol’s production facility in Les Borges Blanques, which covers an area of 1,000,000 m², is dedicated to the manufacture of precast components. It has an annual production capacity of 1 million MT.

Built in 2005, it has become much more than just an imposing work of concrete. It is the emblem of a brave commitment within the sector, symbolising one of the most hard-fought values of the company: self-sufficiency.

Ciments Terraferma, which operates in the market under the Pujol brand, offers its customers (in bulk or bagged) the same cement that is used to supply all of its concrete factories, as well as advice on which type of cement may be most suitable for their products and/or projects.

Pujol’s lack of dependence on other large business groups in the cement sector allows us not only to act with flexibility, but also to avoid market fluctuations that could end up being critical for the final customer.


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