24 Mar 21 Treanor Pujol delivers by boat to York’s most iconic building

Treanor Pujol has recently finished a collaboration for one of the most prestigious buildings in York, The Guildhall.

York is known as one of England’s most beautiful cities with a huge amount of history; with its narrow streets and beautiful setting along the banks of the river Ouse, access to site by road was impossible.

Working in collaboration with the main contractor Vinci, Treanor Pujol has provided TP250 & TP200 hollow core slabs for this iconic building. Due to the characteristics of the city, Treanor Pujol was asked to deliver the units by boat as there was no other means of access.

The solution to deliver all the hollow core slabs by boat proved successful and shows just another way in which Treanor Pujol has helped overcome a difficult delivery.