12 May 21 LED technology at Beneito Faure new headquarters

“Passion for LED light” is Beneito Faure’s main motto. Three generations have been providing solutions for all market needs in the lightning sector, both at industrial and domestic level.

Pioneers in LED technology and design, and a world leader in this field, their products light up iconic artworks and prestigious buildings worldwide.

Based in an industrial building made by Prefabricats Pujol at the Valldoriolf industrial area, in Granollers, their commitment to innovation has developed the need for new premises.

Therefore, working side by side with Prefabricats Pujol and following the recommendation of one of Pujol’s former clients in the same area, Beneito Faure entrusted Pujol with the construction of a new 2,000m2 warehouse to resolve their space restrictions.

With a bespoke design tailor-made for this company, a generous office space was created, with glass curtain walls, providing enclosed working areas providing great luminosity to the space.
Peaked walls give the building an enhanced aesthetic element in addition to protecting the most vulnerable areas of the building from inclement weather.
To maintain the maximum useful height of the building, Pujol has provided Venus, Orion and Icaria beams.