10 Feb 21 Prefabricats Pujol, new member of ANEFHOP

ANEFHOP, the Spanish National Association of Precast Concrete Manufacturers, counts with Prefabricats Pujol as a brand-new member. Founded in 1968, has more than 285 associated companies plus 33 more collaborators and six territorial delegations to better understand the needs of their members.

It gathers 70% of the sector according to production volumes, a production with an annual turnover of 1,300 million euros that creates close to 10,000 direct jobs as well as almost 5,000 indirect ones.

Its activity is centred in two main issues, representing the sector and services to its associates. It represents the general interests of the sector, in front of national, regional and local public administrations; also represents its sector in different organisms and sectorial associations. They too promote, divulgate and support precast concrete’ industrial sustainability with an Environmental Decalogue for companies to set a starting point for all their productive plants to respect the environment. Moreover, ANEFHOP works hard in reinforcing its associated companies’ quality and technical leadership. It likewise offers technical and legal advice in addition to negotiating labour agreements concerning concrete segment and it also participates in elaborating industrial UNE rules in the sector.

Pujol adds three more productive plants to ANEFHOP network: one in Mollerussa, another in Les Borges Blanques and a third one in Lleida. Anticipating the legal requirements, Prefabricats Pujol comes stomping in the association, fulfilling all requirements including Royal Decree 163/2019 that controls the production of in-plant manufactured concrete and harmonizes its production with current European regulations. Prefabricats Pujol’s plants are the only facilities in Lleida complying with this regulation, as of approximately 1,500 concrete mixers throughout Spain, only 97 have this certification.