21 Apr 21 Deusto opens up its new Larramendi building, which culminates the Basque campus

The new Larramendi building includes a library, investigation labs and sports facilities.

With a total built area of 12,000m2 (almost half of them below ground level), the new Larramendi building responds to Deusto University proposal of new areas of knowledge and investigation. The opening of the building provides the San Sebastian campus with modern facilities for its academic and research activity, facilitates the digital transformation the university, strengthens life on campus and sets a milestone in its relations with society, allowing new ways of collaboration.

The contribution that the new Larramendi building gives to the campus is based on three aspects, each of them occupying a specific area in the building: a modern Learning and Research Resources Centre (LRRC) with new infrastructure and library equipment; new classrooms and teaching equipment that meets the needs of an increasing amount of university degrees on offer and state-of-the-art laboratories and sport facilities. Besides these three main aspects, the building offers new spaces to promote sociability and different cultural and social uses – such as a showroom, gallery and a new terrace, etc.- and that which stands out is the new Forum room -with great versatility for all kinds of medium-size activities and events-.

In a joint decision with the client relating to the materials and installation, it was decided to reinforce all pillars of this new building with peikkos due to the irregular footprint of the site and the necessity to have special support for the beams, given their size and dimensions. A reinforced floor was provided using “L” type Thalassa’, Titania’ and Icaria with both “L” and “T” model beams that allow a reduction of corners and maximises the usable height. These beams, together with the provided “R” beams, are ideal to support the hollowcore that is to be installed on site, which is the best solution for supporting large spans and loads. Besides the structure and flooring, we also provided reinforcement for the staircase, ensuring the students can circulate safely.

This is the second project that Pujol is providing for Deusto, as this prestigious university trusts in the Group due to the construction of the Physical Education Science building in Bilbao.