14 Apr 21 Prefabricados Pujol builds a cluster of industrial buildings for a community of owners

A community of owners has created a clustered core of industrial buildings on the outskirts of Vall-llobrega in order to settle their business there.

To spare the people of the inconveniences that heavy vehicle traffic’, loading and unloading of materials, odours and fumes from production, etc., can cause, a community of 8 business owners has decided to move to an Incasol owned terrain on the outskirts and set up their production and commercial activity there.

In an area of 2,400m2, some industrial buildings have been built; one for a construction company, another for a painting company, another for a glass company, an extra one for a marble manufacturer and one warehouse for a restorer, among others.

Structures have been manufactured with Orion and Thalassa beams, types L and T, plus “R” type beams. The enclosures have been made with the traditional plain grey panel.

These industrial buildings also have mezzanines dedicated as office space among other possible uses.